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The DOMA Destroyer: Attorney Roberta Kaplan's New Book Tells Story Behind Legal Battle For Same-Sex Marriage

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 28
Edie Windsor's attorney, Roberta Kaplan, chronicles the struggle for marriage equality in her new book, "Then Comes Marriage: United States V. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA."

The Best Food Books of 2015

By J. M. Hirsch | Nov 21
Have you ordered your copy of the latest five-ingredient-paleo-gluten-free-Nordic-kale smoothie cookbook yet? Me either. You know why? Because nobody outside hipster man bun-loving enclaves in Brooklyn and Los Angeles actually eats that way.

Rainbow Reads - November 2015 - Part Two

By Bill Biss | Nov 20
Two major and admired authors come to the "horn of plenty" for November Rainbow Reads.

Rainbow Reads - November 2015

By Kitty Drexel | Nov 16
November's Rainbow Reads deposit the reader directly into the personal lives of the protagonists.

Meow! Home Enhancement Tips for Cat Owners

By Leanne Italie | Nov 12
Taking on a cat is one thing. Catifying your home to rise to true Cat Person status is another.

Vincent Laforet Captures Breathtaking Aerials in "Air"

Nov 11
He spent the last year capturing high-altitude aerial photos of cities around the world while harnessed in a helicopter.

New Book Explores the Custom of the Queue

By Leanne Italie | Nov 7
David Andrews went in search of answers and unearthed a world of science, history and cultural norms about the often stressful, sometimes nonexistent and usually time-consuming act of waiting in line.

Elder Bush Criticizes Cheney, Rumsfeld in New Biography

Nov 5
Former President George H.W. Bush is publicly criticizing for the first time key members of his son's administration.

'Money Pizza Respect': Josh 'The Fat Jew' Ostrovsky Pens Book

By Leanne Italie | Nov 3
Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky and his upright ponytail have leaped off his racy Instagram account onto the pages of a new book, "Money Pizza Respect," a memoirish collection of debauchery out Tuesday.

Swedish Artist Creates Erotic Braille Book for the Blind

Nov 2
A Swedish artist has created a "Sensual Braille Book" to provide erotic literature for the visually impaired

1 thru 10 of 648 Stories