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Expecto patronum, bitch!

Christian Rewrites 'Harry Potter' So Kids Don't 'Turn Into Witches'

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 30
Worried that reading the popular 'Harry Potter' series will turn her children into witches, a Christian mother has rewritten the popular books with less spells, more prayers and a straight Professor Dumbledore.


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William J. Mann

Better Than Fiction :: William J. Mann on Murder and Mayhem in 'Tinseltown'

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 25
Wiliam J. Mann has written novels, and he's written biographies; he's explored dramatic fiction, and he's produced well-researched histories. Now he brings both those fields of expertise together in the real-life murder mystery "Tinseltown."

Book On Gay Steelworkers Prompts Union Changes

Sep 6
Anne Balay's "Steel Closets" has won a prestigious prize -- and prompted workplace reforms in a traditionally macho profession.

Jamie Bissonnette Debuts Charcuterie Cookbook

By EDGE | Sep 5
James Beard Award-winning chef Jamie Bissonnette, of Boston's Toro and Coppa and the recently opened Toro in New York, launches his debut cookbook - "The New Charcuterie Cookbook: Exceptional Cured Meats to Make and Serve at Home."

It's 'Finis' for Maltin's Movie Guides

Aug 23
Plume, an imprint of Penguin Random House, says "Leonard Maltin's 2015 Movie Guide" will be the 36th and final edition.

Jim Provenzano's Tales Of Love

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Aug 17
Author Jim Provenzano is a hopeless romantic. He's also a staunch advocate for people with disabilities. He brings those two elements together in "Every Time I Think of You" and its just-published sequel, "Message of Love."


Book Reviews

Rethinking Normal: A Memoir In Transition

By Danielle Behrendt | Sep 30
When a baby is born, the first question we ask is whether it is a boy or a girl. However, at that point, you can tell what a baby's sex is, but they cannot yet tell you their gender.

Thank You For Your Service

By Daniel Scheffler | Sep 30
Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan - how will they fit into the lives they left behind?

The Zone Of Interest

By Daniel Scheffler | Sep 30
A black comedy set in the Holocaust.

The King Of Pacoima

By Kevin Taft | Sep 29
For the first time, the emotional and definitive version of the story that inspired the 1992 film "Radio Flyer" is available from the film's original screenwriter David Mickey Evans.

Body Counts

By Daniel Scheffler | Sep 29
A little social history class on the AIDS epidemic.