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My Shoulder Hurts!

By John Maroussas | Jan 11
The shoulder joint allows for movement in almost any direction. The price of this flexibility is that shoulder injuries can happen more easily.

Fitness in the 21st Century :: It's Strapped to Your Arm

By Joel Martens | Jan 11
These handy little devices not only keep track, they give you little nudges and remind you to step it up or sleep it out. Sort of a nanny for hire, and it just sits on your wrist.

Help Ditch Weight With Celsius Products

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 9
If your New Year's resolution was to lose weight and get in shape, the makers of Celsius are ready to help you with the world's first negative-calorie beverage.

Emelina Minero Hosts 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge

By EDGE | Jan 9
Out lesbian Emelina Minero decided that she wanted to be a part of creating a counterculture to the negative messages that bombard society. So she co-founded the Love Warrior Community with her mom, Michelle Minero, an eating disorder recovery therapist.

Seven Steps For Successful Weight Loss Resolution This Year

By EDGE | Jan 6
This year, make your resolution stick with the help of Myo Nwe, M.D. and Sandeep Grewal M.D., inventors of the SlimPlate System and authors of the book "Fat-Me Not: Weight Loss Diet of the Future."

The Soundtrack of Your Workout

By Stephen Mosher | Dec 18
There is a pulsating, motivating musical soundtrack to guide everyone through his or her workout. But what's the real truth behind the phenomenon of soundtracking your workout?

Gift Guide: Get Better at Sports with Smart Gear

By Ron Harris | Dec 3
Advances in technology present sports enthusiasts with plenty of options to train better and smarter.

Squat Your Way to Ripped!

By Mark Moon | Oct 25
Building lean muscle should be a priority for everyone -- and working the leg muscles can help you get there.

Today Is Your Day :: Energy Boosting Day Planner

By John Maroussas | Oct 19
Get more done, get fitter, and sleep better with this energy-boosting day planner.

'The Big Four' Workout

By Blake Beckcom | Oct 15
There are four areas in a fitness routine to include in good training design. When working with a fitness professional, chances are you are already reaping the benefits of this four-pronged approach.

11 thru 20 of 494 Stories