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Lehigh University: Student, 2 Men Charged With Hate Crime

Nov 24
Officials say a Lehigh University student and two other men are charged with a hate crime for saying an anti-gay slur and pushing another student to the ground.

Woman Who Fatally Stabbed Shopper at Supermarket Gets Life

Nov 23
A woman who stabbed a random shopper to death in the ice cream aisle of a supermarket was sentenced Monday to life in prison.

Texas Man Convicted of Murder in 'Stand Your Ground' Retrial

Nov 23
A Houston-area man was found guilty Friday of murder for killing his neighbor during an argument over loud music.

Alleged Meth-Trading Manhattan Dentist Arrested on Drug and Kiddie Porn Charges

Nov 23
A gay dentist from the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan was arrested Friday and accused of a laundry list of heinous offenses that include drug possession, child pornography, sex with animals and intent to transmit HIV to his sexual partners.

Police 'Lock Down' Dallas Gayborhood After A Dozen Hate Crimes

By EDGE | Nov 22
Dallas police started a task force and launched "lock-down" patrols in Dallas' Oak Lawn gayborhood after a dozen violent attacks in the past few months.

Homicides of Transgender Women in US Reach Alarming High

By David Crary | Nov 22
For a few transgender Americans, this has been a year of glamour and fame. For many others, 2015 has been fraught with danger, violence and mourning.

Tennessee Woman Sneaks Loaded Gun Into Jail... In Her Vagina

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 21
Although some women may euphemistically refer to it as their 'pocketbook,' one Tennessee woman was really going for broke when she snuck a loaded pistol into jail, in her vagina.

2 in Sadomasochistic Ring Sentenced for California Killing

Nov 21
Two members of a sadomasochistic sex triangle were sentenced to life in prison without parole Thursday for murdering the wife of a Marine deployed in Afghanistan.

Jailed Couple Describes Trans Assault

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Nov 21
The man accused of attacking a transgender woman in San Francisco's Mission district Sunday has told the Bay Area Reporter that the incident started when she bumped into him and his fiance and called him the n-word.

Detroit Responds to Killing of Transgender Women

Nov 20
On National Transgender Day of Remembrance, Detroit looks at the killing of trans women like Amber Monroe.

11 thru 20 of 1266 Stories